New FLI Camera, Filter Wheel & Filters

Received : 9-4-2012

CAMERA- Microline: ML11002M-2

FILTER WHEEL- Seven Position Wheel: CFW-5-7

FILTER SETS- FLI Research Grade LRGB (50mm sq) FLI Research Grade Ha,OIII,SII (50mm sq)


View With Shutter Open

The chip looks really big!!
Camera and FW Mounted on DSI- RC10c Scope

Custom bracket machined from 1/2" thick Delrin. This helps hold down camera at bottom with a knob locking screw.
Camera and FW Mounted on Scope

Custom bracket also acts as a strain relief for the cables, allowing them to rotate freely through 180 degrees.
First Light (9-4-2012) with new Camera

Simple star field......with no image calibration or processing....just a quick check with a single 600 sec luminance exposure only..........cooling at -20C