Serria Remote Observatories- Auberry, CA

"Here at SRO we have multiple MVO motor control units, SkyRoofs and SkyAlerts and we have been thrilled with the performance of all of them.

It is clear that these products were made with incredible attention to detail. As robust as the hardware may be, the ASCOM-compliant software is equally well-made and is a joy to use.As if this is not enough, all the products arrive with fantastic documentation and world-class support. Keep up the good work MVO!"

Mel Helm, Sierra Remote Observatories



Bruce McMath- Little Rock, AR 

"My remotely operated robotic telescope system has now been in operation for eight months. Anytime the conditions are suitable, any time during any night, my roll of roof opens and observing begins. When conditions change, the roof closes. It has become so dependable I have to remind myself to check my email for successful opening and closing confirmations. To date, I have turned in over six thousand variable star observations to the AAVSO and have an equal number still in my processing Queue. While there were definite growing pains involved in getting everything working in harmony, your motor controller has been the simplest and most dependable part. What I appreciate most though has been the product support. Some of the vendors I have dealt with seem to have a ship it and forget it policy. Your installation directions are not only simple but your willingness, even eagerness, to help me resolve issues related to other people’s more problematic products has been indispensible and alone worth what I paid for your controller.Our astronomy Society here has committed to building another building modeled on mine, to facilitate a joint venture with a local university, which will house a similar robotic instrument. You can expect a new order soon."

Many thanks, Bruce



John Evelan- Pie Town, NM

"In a remote observatory situation you want a roll off roof that can be depended on when the weather turns unexpectedly sketchy. We have equipped the first 2 of our 10’X20’ roll off roof observatories with these systems and have been highly impressed with their robust durability and reliable operation.Jim tailored wiring lengths and unit locations to our specifications. He built and delivered in short order insuring proper fit and function at the critical part of the build. When questions arose he was always available with expert advice and information that made the installation straightforward. He demonstrated a high degree of proficiency with interface of the Foster Systems AMC100 board. Jim is expert with electro-mechanical interface requirements and solutions achieving a design that works time after time. Continuous scrutiny of the product is also one of Jims’ trademarks. His design evolves and improves and he will often offer updates for our existing systems.Excellent product and outstanding service is what you encounter when you purchase an MVO Controls Roll Off Roof system from Jim Collins. We consider Jim and MVO to be an integral factor in our present and future success."

Thanks Jim! John Evelan- SkyPi Observatory

Update to Johns remote installation; a second observatory has been completed with the 2nd MVO ROR motor system-

See video of both observatory roofs in operation- Roofs Openining............Roofs Closing



Stan Watson- Rancho Hidalgo, NM

"I had an MVO Controls roof system from Jim set up at my observatory in New Mexico. It has a large roof (20' x 30') that had to roll away from the observatory an extra 20’. I had to change my drive system to Jim’s because I needed a custom chain drive to accommodate the 50’ of total length. I also had to connect his Interface Control Box System into my m1OASYS roof control. It all worked very well. He was very helpful and extremely thoughtful."

Thank You , Jim.......Stan Watson



Ed Michaels- Nacogdoches, TX

“I’ve been using the MVO motorized ROR control system for about four months now and I am very pleased with the operation of my rather heavy 10’ X 12’ roof. Jim included all the necessary components in the kit including customized cable lengths that fit perfectly! The installation instructions were very clear and easy to follow. When I had trouble configuring software he responded to my emails promptly and we quickly got the roof operating remotely. His "after the sale" service is excellent. If you need roof automation at a reasonable cost I would definitely recommend the MVO Controls kit."



Mark Job, Buffalo, MN

"I contacted Jim at MVO Controls, to better understand whether his roll off roof motor system was a possible solution for my backyard roll off roof observatory. I provided Jim with information about my observatory and he worked with me to properly adapt the system to my observatory. Jim was remarkable, he had a solution for me. I purchased the MVO Controls system and Jim provided great support and follow-up throughout the process. Jim was always available to provide answers and suggestions."

Thank you Jim, I couldn't be happier.



Mark Hanson, Rancho Hidalgo, NM

"Thanks so much for all your help and excellent product. I use to cringe every time I had to open or shut the roof. Now it’s just as smooth as can be. Well worth the time and funds to change systems. Works well with the fosters system controller as well."



Gerald Miller- Muskogee, OK

"There are few companies that take pride in what they offer and take the extra steps to insure that the customer is satisfied and the product working as advertised. MVO Controls provided both to such a degree, that it was far beyond what was required.There is absolutely no way I could have ever wired up the motor and board without your help, which made it quite easy. Thanks so much, for a great product and support, taking my calls and helping me getting the project completed. It is truly a bargain to find such a product that works as well as support to get it done."



Dan Merrick- Jonesborough,TN

Jim, I just wanted to say thanks for your support and guidance through the installation of my roll off roof motor controls. Your system is well designed and not difficult to install. The rack drive motor (1-1/8hp) is a brute. It moves my 20 X 30 foot roof, that weighs between 3000-4000 lbs, with no effort. The limit switches are a nice safety feature and stop the roof each time on a dime at the desired setting.

I am looking forward to continuing with my observatory automation and will be looking at your systems to have my computer open and close the roof (SkyRoof) and your weather system (SkyAlert) to keep my gear high and dry in the observatory................
See my video of the roof in operation..... (click here)

Again, many thanks. Your followup on my work has been a real blessing and it has been a pleasure to work with you.

Sincerely, Dan Merrick



Rex Groves - Rancho Hidalgo, NM

For remote operations, there is little that is more unnerving than the opening and closing of the roof. I wanted something that worked.."period".The MVO system is the ONLY part of my remote imaging experience that has worked flawlessly.  I was most impressed with the followup service that Jim gave without request. I wanted it to work with my M1OASYS and he gave me updated installation instructions tailored for me. He frequently follows up to check how everything is working.He's always there for the quick phone call when needed, though honestly, it was so easy to set up and is so reliable, we rarely need to chat. I can't recommend the system enough.



Thomas Leet- Brookforest Observatory Evergreen, CO .

Shortly after building my observatory, I decided to automate it. While looking for a system to open the roof I came across Jim and MVO. After speaking with Jim and explaining my setup, he knew exactly what I needed. In a very short time my MVO system arrived with everything built to perfect dimensions and ready to install. I had already installed my gear rack, so within two hours I had the system installed and running.That was September 2013 and the system has worked perfect since. This is very important when I’m 2200 miles away a lot of the time. Besides the system working great, Jim is fantastic. If I have any questions, he’s right there to answer them. Plus he checks in now and then to make sure all is working well and to touch base. I highly recommend MVO’s ROR Control System to anyone looking to motorize their roof.

Jim thanks again for a system that just works!

Link to a video of my roof in here



Joe Woolbright- Bethalto, IL

Jim, Thank you for such great personalized service!  Being able to talk to you about my needs and getting a customized motorized roll of roof unit just for my set up was great.  Everything arrived safely and was well packed an clearly marked.   The directions you provided for the unit were easy to understand and follow.  It only took an afternoon to get everything installed and working.  Having the custom cable lengths kept things nice and neat.  This is a much better solution than just installing a winch motor.  I looking forward to years of service from the unit.

Thanks again,Joe



Glenn Gravlin- Stonyford, CA

First of all let me just say, Jim's customer support services are hands-down above and beyond! It's nice to have someone respond to any inquiry one may have when installing and operating a motorized ROR system, but Jim takes that a step further and actually reaches out to his customers proactively to make sure that everything is working as it should.

My original plan was to manually operate the roof of my 12' x 16' observatory and later down the road move toward automation. The weight of the roof made manual operation quite a challenge, so when I came across Jim's website, I decided this might be a good route to go. I'm so happy that I did.The motorized ROR control system works flawlessly and with ease and it's nice to know that when I'm ready to move toward remote automation, I already have this system (SkyRoof) in place. Thanks for all of the invaluable advice Jim and for reaching out every time there is a software update available.

You are the best! Glenn



Travis Schluessler- Berthoud, CO

If you are considering a motorized solution for a roll off roof observatory, you should definitely consider the solutions at MVO Controls.Jim does an exceptional job from start to finish in terms of customization, product and installation support, and making sure that everything works just right. I found the attention to detail in the resulting components astonishing - labels everywhere you need them, screws and washers in all the right places and ready to go for installation.It is obvious that everything was put together by someone who cares about the end result. Five out of five stars for product quality and support. Link to video.



Brian Downey- Redding, CA

My motor system from MVO Controls and SkyRoof controller are amazing. Jim knows his stuff, he takes the guesswork out of everything. He was completely thorough in every detail, and designed an "out of the box" system for my modified SkyShed that needed no guess work from me -- even down to exact wire lengths to keep things tidy. The customized manual even has a schematic! Link to video.Thanks so much Jim



Dave Lane ,Blue Mound, KS

Jim and his products are a rare treat. It is often the case in this hobby that you can't get timely support. Jim has always answered the phone and has always been there when I needed help or had a question / suggestion. His products are well thought out and great performers with a attractive price point. You won't get a better product with this type of support anywhere in this hobby. Get to know Jim and you will understand. Link to video.



Lee Buck, Prescott, AZ

I built a 16’x24' ROR observatory and it would not have been a success without Jim’s help getting the motor system planned and installed correctly.

The roof is insulated and sheet rocked, so it is very heavy — Jim was extremely helpful getting the rack gear installed correctly. He custom made a hold down bar to ensure continuous engagement of the rack gear (and he did it within about 6hrs of discussing the issue that I was having)

The guy’s responsiveness to questions or issues is unmatched. If you send an email, you will usually get a phone call within 15 minutes to discuss your issue. My roof motor control has hard limit switches, web relays, full ASCOM support (it’s running with ACP), safety interlocks that cuts off roof power if the scopes are not correctly parked (my configuration does not permit the scopes to be “wherever” when the roof is closed).

I also use Jim’s SkyEye camera system. A wonderful product with great software and excellent customer support, as well. When I had a minor issue with it, he sent out a new one to replace it immediately. it has worked flawlessly since.

Without hesitation, I would recommend any product from MVO controls! great attention to detail and excellent customer service. Link to video.



Charles Faucheux , Raceland, LA

Hi Jim,

I finally got power to the observatory and the motor installed. It worked great without any problems. The installation instructions were very clear and the quality of your gear is outstanding. I also want to thank you for the many calls and support after the sale. All in all, this was an outstanding experience and I can recommend your equipment to anyone considering a motorized roof. I am so glad that the other guy never returned my calls!!!

Thanks again, Chuck Faucheux



Greg Piepol, Rockville, MD

Jim, I just wanted to pass on a note of thanks for the wonderful support with my roll off roof motor installation. It couldn’t have gone easier. I was quite impressed with everything, from your proposed layout, to the labeling on the individual wiring and immediate support. You don’t get that with any other manufacturer.

The 5/8 HP system is more than adequate for my 8x10 roll off and I can’t tell you enough how nice it is to have a fully automated system. I even control my observatory with my phone using remote desktop software. Awesome!

Thanks for a superb product!




Dan Simpson, Santa Fe, NM

Jim, I wanted to thank you for all the help in getting my roll-off roof observatory up and running. I'm really glad I was able to track you down in the early phases of design and construction. I was able to incorporate a lot of your advice which, I feel, resulted​ in a much sturdier building. Functionally, I've found the system to be well designed with robust safety features and easy connection to the PC.

Thanks Dan Simpson



Kent Wood, Orem, UT

Dear Jim,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the outstanding service you have provided to me during the last few weeks

I have been very impressed with the MVO motor system, SkyRoof and SkyAlert systems that I have purchased from you. Everything was packed well and the instructions were clear and thorough. In addition to the great product, I have been especially impressed with your support.

You have been available every time I called (even while attending a star party!) and have taken time to help me set up the systems and make sure they were running properly. This saved me ton of time…and I’m sure frustration. Again, thank you! .......Link to video

Best regards, Kent



Grand Mesa Observatory, Whitewater, CO

MVO Controls and the SkyRoof Roll off Roof Control was introduced and highly recommended to Grand Mesa Observatory by several other observatory owners.

Jim Collins assisted with the design and selection of the best Roof Motor System to suit our needs and the whole process of Design, Purchase, Instruction of the installation went flawlessly. Thanks to Jim the whole process was a very pleasant experience and the level of technical and after sales support that MVO has provided to us has been impeccable, a real GEM in customer service

Most importantly the MVO and SkyRoof continues to operate flawlessly........Link to video

Terry Hancock,............. Grand Mesa Observatory

















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