A straightforward, reliable automated roof application.

SkyRoof from Interactive Astronomy, is the remote/ automation solution for your Roof Motor System.


Independent-automated roof control with these selectable actions:

> Roof opening by a scheduled set time or a dusk report from a weather unit.

> Roof opening retry. Will open after set time delay if conditions improve and report safe.

> Roof opening after roof closure. Will re-open after a set time delay, if conditions report safe.

> Roof closes for unsafe condition, ie; clouds, rain, wind, humidity, too light, internet or data loss.

> Roof will close at a scheduled set time or a dawn report from a weather unit with a photo sensor.



> SkyRoof will run your custom scripts for when the roof opens and/ or when the roof closes.


SkyRoof also interfaces with these automated imaging applications:

ACP, CCDAP, CCD Commander, SGP, MaxPilote, MaximDLv6, PRiSM.

(An Ascom Compliant Driver is provided within the application.)


SkyRoof Price- $395.00

When ordered from IAA your Skyroof is automatically installed in your new MVO relay control unit.


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