> Relay Control Unit-

Unit provides control power to motor. Relays
activate roof motor locally or... remotely via pc control like "SkyRoof."

> 3- separate relays control the motor....(1) for Open, (1) for Close, (1) for Scope Un- Park Saftey Power Interrupt.

> All necessary safety limit switches, magnetic sensors, hardware and clear installation manuals are included.

> All cable lengths will be custom made to fit your observatory.......so, no complicated wiring is required.

> We consult directly with you, to deternine your precise requirements, so the system works.."right out ot the box !"

THE MVO ROR CONTROL SYSTEM is completely pre-wired, tested, and ready to run.

........Designed for single phase, 120 Vac/ 60Hz, permanent -split phase- capacitor motors, with forward and reverse rotation.........

Relay Control Unit- with SkyRoof installed- (SkyRoof Details LINK)

Enclosure 12"x12"x 8 " x 1/4" wall, PVC Junction Box. Relays are rated @ 10A, terminals & wiring rated @ 15A.

Includes emergency stop button, circuit breaker, control buttons with LEDs, motor amp meter, motor pwr LED

Plus a Motor Power Interrupt Relay. This provides roof close safety (photo sensor required).- see notes below.


The Motor Relay Control Unit cable runs are easy! Custom made cables to fit your observatory and pre- wired. The diagram shows all cabling for safety limit switches and magnetic sensors.

Just plug in the 110 vac motor power, connect the SkyRoof Unit (optional) USB cable to your computer and your are ready to go !