.Standard Roof Motor System Price: $1,799 .................


.> Relay Control Unit- On site, manual control.

.> Modified 5/8 HP Motor- Added drive gear / bearing support / steel mounting base plate

.> Control Unit Interfacing- Cabling, limit switches, sensors are included and prewired.

.> Email & Phone Support- 7-days a week- "before.....during.....and after the sale."




> Gear Motors are modified and upgraded for this application.

5/8 HP & 1-1/8 HP ....< Note: All motors operate only on 120 vac, single phase, 60 Hz >

All Motors Include-

> Added Pinion Drive Gear or Chain Sprocket as required.

> Added Custom Bearing Support Block for Stablizing Output Drive Shaft.

> Added Steel Mounting Base- 3/8" Plate - 8 " wide x 13 " long.

> All motors have an internal Disc Brake. Locks motor from turning and roof opening in windy conditions.


Note- The steel racks that drive your roof are not included in the kits.

Order here from McMaster Carr:

6 ft lengths- # 5174-T23........4 ft lengths- # 5174-T13.........2 ft lengths- # 5174-T3

Ordering heavy rack yourself, saves on double shipping costs...Note- Need to drill 5/16" mounting holes in the rack.


Motor Kit:


>.... 5/8 HP (220 in. lbs. torque)

>..... Relay Control Unit

Roofs up to 200 sq ft or 2,000 lbs


Price: $1,799

Standard Gear Motor


Relay Control Unit


Motor Soft Starter

May be used with larger or heavier roofs..



There are technical/ manufacturing issues with the soft starter, preventing use with the MVO Motor.

The Soft Start is fully automatic. An internal automatic ramp control immediately takes over and raises the voltage progressively, causing the motor to accelerate smoothly. At the end of the ramp period, the motor is operated in Energy Saving mode and the HFE continuously regulates the voltage to match the mechanical load.

Two LED’s on the front of the unit indicate when the POWER supply is connected and when the unit is ENERGY SAVING. As consumption is reduced the ENERGY SAVING LED flashes at a slower rate.


Large Motor Kit:

1-1/8 HP (440 in. lbs. torque)

> 200sq ft or up to 5,000 lbs

Recommendation and quote provided upon request-

email: mvocontrols@jimstar11.com

mobile- 510-495-7932

All motor systems are prewired, tested and ready to run !