Celestron Nexstar 11gps (C11)

Deep Sky Instruments- RC10C

Celestron C9.25

Teleview  TV85

Williams Opticss WO 80

Coronado PST


Teleview (2)

Denkmeier (1)


Teleview Panoptic 40mm (1)

Teleview Nagler 31mm (1)

Teleview Nagler 16mm (2)

Teleview Panoptic 27mm (1

Teleview Panopic 24mm (2)

Teleview Panoptic 19mm (2)

Teleview Ethos 21mm (1)

Teleview Ethos 17mm (1)


DSI RC10c Focuser

Imaging Mount

Astro Physics AP900-goto


Imaging Camera

FLI- ML11002M-2



The Sky X Pro

The Sky Camera Add on

The Sky T-Point Add on


CCD Auto Pilot 5

CCD Inspector 2

CCD Navigator 2

CCD Stack v2.66

Photoshop CS6


PierTech 2 (adjustable 30"-50")

Stellar Pier (8" dia. steel Fixed)


Celestron .63x Reducer

Teleview .8x Reducer/ Flattner

Guider Setups

Lodestar Guider

Astrodon MMOAG

Modified 50mm finder scope

Orion Star Shoot Auto Guider

Field Rotator

Pyxis 3" Rotator

Telescope Set-up for visual activity
Celestron Nexstar 11 gps/ Teleview binos w/ 16mm naglers makes for awesome viewing!
Astrograph For Imaging
Deep Sky Instruments DSI- RC10c          with       Teleview TV85
Imaging Train with New Pyxis 3" Field Rotator
New Pyxis Rotator + Astrodon MMOAG + Lodestar Guider + w/Custom Shutter + CCD Labs FW + Q453HR Camera
Cable Management Loop @ 270 deg Position
Cable Management Loop @ 180 deg Position
Cable Management Loop @ 90 deg Position
Cable Loop allows rotator movement- Shown @ 0 deg Position)

Remote Observatory Operations- All activies are controlled via "Desktop Remote" from inside the house. The X10 system is also used for controlling lights and other various switching. CCD Auto Pilot controls all imaging activies. CCDAP + SkyRoof controls the motorized roof at the end of a run or when bad weather sets in. VB Scripting aids in auto startup and shutdown of all programs, equipment and lighting.

Having three 24" monitors is really great for staying on top of everything that's going on!

Equipment Operator
Resident Astronomer...............Jim Collins
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