In order for Skyroof to operate a garage door or gate opener,

we must determine the type of opener system you have.



Before you place an order for SkyRoof, you will need to contact

us with the Make and Model number of your opener.


mobile: (510) 495-7932


Today there are two basic differences between openers:

> One responds to a simple switch contact, for Open and Close

> The other responds to a Encrypted Signal, for Open and Close.


Your unit may refer to the following type of control:

Security +....... (uses simple switch contacts)


Security + 2.0.......... (uses encrypted signals)


The Simple Switching type will work directly with SkyRoof.

The Encrypted Signal type will require this addtional add-on button.

















PRICE: $55.00

The "Encryption Button" is connected between SkyRoof and the Opener.

It converts the input switching from SkyRoof to an encrypted output signal,

that is sent to the Opener.






Garage Door or Gate Opener Option


Dual Safety Options for Openers:

> Option #1 plus #2.......... will provide dual safety for preventing roof movement.


> Option #1 plus #3....................... will provide the best dual safety combination.


Either set of options provides dual safety protection for when the telescope is unparked.





Details for the Motor Power Interrupt Unit:

Cuts off power to opener motor if the telescope is not parked in a safe position.

Enclosure: 6.5" x 6.5" x 4.5"

Opener power cord plugs into the unit

10 ft cord from unit plugs into 110vac outlet

Four wires connect from the photo Cell to the unit

Two wires connect from the SkyRoof Controller to the unit





Garage Door/ Gate Opener Safety Disclaimer

Using The SkyRoof Controller with a photo sensor will prevent an OPEN or CLOSE signal, from being sent to the Garage Door or Gate Opener, when the telescope is in the unparked (unsafe) position. However, if the manual GD/G button is pushed, a wireless remote or stray opener signal sent,....THE ROOF WILL MOVE!

This will occur, because we do not control the INTERNAL GD/G Opener signal logic, circuits or relays that operate the GD/G Motors.

For this reason, it is mandatory to have a second level of safety to prevent OPENER INITIATED ROOF MOVEMENT. There are two ways to do this-

> One, is to simply use the existing GD/G Opener Sensors to also detect the parked or unparked telescope position.

> The other method would use the Motor Power Interrupt Unit, that cuts off all power to the GD/G Opener when the telescope is unparked.

See our recommendations and diagrams below.




Price: $649.00






For inquires or ordering any of these items:

> Encryption Button..............$ 55.00

> Motor Power Interrupt......$ 370.00

> * Garage Door Kit............$ 649.00 (encryption button not included)

> * GD Kit + Mtr Interrupt Kit.......$ 1,019.00 (encrypition button not included)

* Kits are prewired/ tested and ready to run.

Prices include free shipping in the continental USA.





Recomended Opener Units-

Chamberlin.... (Garage Opener, works with our encryption button)

Liftmaster.... (Garage Opener, works with our encryption button)

Sears.... (Garage Opener, works with our encryption button)

Aleko.... (Gate Opener, does not need encryption button)





Contact- Jim Collins









Price: $370.00



Also available is the

Garage Door Kit:

> SkyRoof unit prewired

> Wiring Bar for Single Pier

> Photo Cell detects scope position

> 12 Volt DC power supply for Photo Cell

> Magnetic Sensors to detect roof position

> All components prewired/ tested and ready for use