Cloud Sensor
cloud sensor cloud sensor


The Sensors Module


Calibrate Sensors

Allows sensor adjustments to match other weather units.


The Main Software Interface

A small compact display for quick overview of the data


The Settings

Straightforward adjustments, settings and unsafe alert threasholds

Cloud Sensor- from Interactive Astronomy

Provides weather data to enable observatory automation.




The system monitors:

Humidity % Level

Wind Speed mph or kph

All Temperatures in.... C or F

Calculated Dew Point Temperature

Precipitation Sensor for- Dry/ Damp/ Rain

Brightness Levels- Daylight/ Dimlight/ Darkness

IR Sky Temperature to deternine Clear or Cloudy Skies

Graph dislplay can plot in either 12 hour time or 24 hour time

Barometric Pressure included with Temperature and Humidity Sensor

NEW ADD-ON FEATURE......Monitors 110vac line power...........see this LINK


Basic data provided to imaging and/ or roof control software for automation:

> Close Roof for Hardware Failure, Loss of Power or Data

> Close Roof for Hi Wind, Humidity or Lo Temp

> Close Roof for Cloudly Skies or Rain

> Open / Close for dusk or dawn


A High Quality Graph Is Included !

Live weather data from "Meadow View Observatory" updating every 20 seconds.


cloud sensor


Generates "Boltwood I & II Text Files" to provide weather data to most remote roof controllers, such as- SkyRoof

Text files compatible with these imaging apps.-. CCDAP... ACP... SGP. . CCD Commander... MaxPilote... PRiSM

Weather text data may shutdown your observatory for clouds, rain, high wind, high humidity or low temps.

Creates & saves a .jpg or .png file for the internal ftp uploader, to allow website viewing of graph.

Has an intergrated heater for dew removal on rain sensor. (Includes a 9 vdc power supply)

Uses direct USB connectivity to the internal board (No serial adapter is needed)

Board is USB powered (No ext. pwr. supply needed, uses 25' active cable)

Monitor Resolution for graph display (Min Height of 800 pixels)

Required Operating Systems (Windows....XP, 7, 8 , 10)


$749.00.. (includes free shipping in USA)

> SkyAlert Sensors Module Unit

> Software Package with Graph

> Wind Speed Sensor included

> Remote- For Network Access

> FTP uploader for web display

> 25 ft Active USB Repr. Cable

> 25 ft 9vdc adapter + cable Dew Heater

> Aluminum mounting bracket

(Field Replaceable Sensors)



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Link To Live Graphs

link to map locations




All weather unit sensors are "Field Replaceable."

No wiring or soldering required! All sensors are pre-wired with plug-in connectors.

1 > Wind Speed- Sensor

2 > Tem,Humidity,inHg Sensor

3 > Photocell...Brightness- Sensor

* 4 > Rain................... Dampness- Sensor

* 5 > INFARED......... Sky Temperature- Sensor

* (minor silicone reseal required)











Sensor replacement prices after the one year warranty expires-

Rain Sensor- $46.00

Wind Speed Sensor- $54.00

Temp / Humidity / inHg- $50.00

Photo / Brightness Sensor- $32.00

INFARED Sky Temp Sensor: $41.00








Older SkyAlerts, shipped prior to 3-15-2016, must be returned to IAA to replace bad IR or Wind Sensors.

Interactive Astronomy

1286 Valley Forge Drive

Chico, CA 95973

Attention: Jim Collins

This repair will include a modification to allow future IR Sensor or Wind Sensor "Field Replacement."

(SkyAlert has a full... one year warranty... that covers All Parts and Labor)




For technical issues or other inquires,

contact Jim Collins


Direct Mobile Phone- 510-495-7932

Skype Number- 530-588-7962


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cloud sensor cloud sensor

Price- $749.00 Free domestic shipping, in stock for next day shipment..........order link- IAA


SkyAlert cloud sensor