M51 Spiral Galaxy  
Scope: Deep Sky Instruments RC10c 254mm @ f/7.4 / FL= 1880mm Corrected Ritchey Chretien  
Camera: FLI- ML11002M with FLI (7 position filter wheel CFW-5-7) 
Total Exposure: Luminance= 9.3 hrs./ Red=3.0 hrs./ Green=3.0 hrs./ Blue=3.0 hrs.
June 2013: Chico, California, USA 
Comments: The Whirlpool Galaxy is located at a distance of approximately 37 million light-years in the constellation Canes Venatici. It is one of the most famous galaxies in the sky. The galaxy and its companion (NGC 5195) are easily observed by amateur astronomers, and the two galaxies may even be seen with binoculars. The Whirlpool Galaxy is also a popular target for professional astronomers, who study it to further understanding of galaxy structure (particularly structure associated with the spiral arms) and galaxy interactions.