Scope:   TeleView 85 with .8x reducer

Camera:   Q453-HR (one shot color)

Exposure: 30  x  300 sec (2.5 hrs) 

Mount:  AP900 goto

M31, (the famous Andromeda Galaxy) is the nearest large galaxy to our own Milky Way galaxy. It is so bright that it is easily seen by naked eye as a faint fuzzy patch of light in the northern part of Andromeda. It forms part of the Local Group of galaxies along with our Milky Way, its satellite galaxies, and M33. Of all members of the Local Group, M31 is considered to have the closest external resemblance to the Milky Way. Also seen in this photograph are M31's satellite galaxies M110 (below) and M32 (above)

M 31  Andromeda Galaxy


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