LeoTrio Galaxies
Scope: Deep Sky Instruments RC10c 254mm @ f/7.4 / FL= 1880mm Corrected Ritchey Chretien  
Camera: FLI- ML11002M with FLI (7 position filter wheel CFW-5-7) 
Total Exposure: Luminance= 8.8 hrs Red= 2.0 hrs Green= 2.0 hrs Blue= 2.0 hrs
May 2013: Chico, California, USA 
Comments:The Leo Trio is a group of three galaxies in the constellation of Leo, consisting of NGC 3628 (right), M66 (top left) and M65 (bottom left). The galaxies are close enough that strong gravitational interactions are visible such as the inflated disk of NGC 3628 and the distorted spiral arms of M66. The group's distance from earth is estimated to be 30 million light-years. M65 and M66 were discovered by Mechain in March 1780 when they were also catalogued by Messier. With the addition of NGC 3628, a large Magnitude 10.3 edge on galaxy, they make an attractive photographic composition.