Custom Tray- Very convenient for holding eyepieces, flashlights, etc., with room to spare.

This basic idea will work on a tripod or pier mount.  This tray is designed to accomodate the Nexstar11gps.

The tray is 23-1/4" dia. x 3" deep.  It's fabricated from 3/4" plywood covered with formica.  The sides of the tray are also wrapped inside and out with formica sheet cut to fit.  The formica is glued with contact cement.

The pier shown in this design is from
Advanced Telescope Systems.  It has been modified to accept three long threaded rods for the telescope hold-down.  A Starizona Landing Pad is also used for ease of line-up when setting the telescope in place.
Tray- Mounted on Celestron Tripod
Tray- Mounted on ATS Pier
Top View- Showing Starizona Landing Pad

Added rubberized edging around cirumference.
Pier Bottom- Mounting bolt extensions w/ tightening knobs
Ready to mount telescope
Scope Mounted
Built 2nd tray for observatory

I Can easily remove the scope when going to a star party, etc.