Location SQM Year
Adin, CA 21.70 2008, 2009
Black Butte Lake 21.69 2007
Buckhorn Campground
Blue Canyon, CA 21.46 2008
SVAS getaway
Big Bear Lake, CA 21.18 ?
RTMC (Camp Oakes)
Yucca Valley, CA 21.67 2007
Joshua Tree Nat. Park
Mt. Pinos, CA 21.67 2005-2007
LA amateurs getaway
Palomar Observatory 20.98 2007
Prude Ranch, TX 21.67 ?
Texas Star Party
Shingletown, CA 21.62 2007
Shingletown Star Party
Citrus Heights, CA 18.66 2007-2009
Sales residence

The highest reading obtained by the SQM's manufacturer, Unihedron, is 21.80. Readings above 22 are unlikely to be recorded. Jack Sales has an extensive compendium of SQM information on a page in his Web site.  

Data from the Dan Druiscoe "All Sky Camera"

The light domes in the north east, are from the Corning and Orland areas.

Image was taken from a hlll top. The star party location is at a lower point with a trees blocking the major portion of the light intrusions

Link to Dan Driscoes full report.

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360 deg. view of site just after dark

DSLR Image taken by John Obermeier

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Sky Quality Meter readings

Sky brightness readings are shown in magnitudes per square arcsec.