Setup on 2nd night

Setup on 1st night

The Group Picture

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Black Butte Lake at Dusk

On third afternoon...Astro Deer arrives


Jeff Schell

Carl Olson

Dale Olson

Curt Barnes

Alan Agrawal

Randy Wetter

Jack & Bev Sales

Kevin Normington

Jim & Nancy Collins

Chip & Linda Zempel

John Obermeier & Barbara Clowers


Nick Marpin

Rick Linden

Bill Hagbery

Dave Patton

Jim Molinari

Paul Redmon

Martin Dunlap

Gregg Blandin

David Samuels

Vic & Jan Maris

Lonnie Robinson

Terry Sandbek & Laura

Fire Bugs- Nancy Collins, Beverly Sales, Barbara Clowers, Linda Zemple

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Local Wild Life

A very rare visitor! AstroSnake....... "first sight" in 7 seasons.

The Local Group- Bill Hagbery, Jack Sales, Nick Malpin, Martin Dunlap

Waiting for dark

Vic's- Stellarview 130mm f5 APO

Jim Molinari

Viewing Jupiter

Jim Collins

John Obermeier & Dave Patton (at Dave's Binoviewer)

Randy Wetter & Jeff Schell (at their twin DOBs)

Nick Maupin

Gregg Blandin adjusting his big DOB

Kevin Normington

Vic and Jan Maris @ Scope with Martin Dunlap, Bill Hagbery, John Obermeier

Alan Agawal setting up

Lonnie Robinson helping Paul Redmond with his scope

Gregg Blandin & Rick Linden- At their DOBs, getting ready for dark

The last night, with Bev firing things up !

Scope Cluster

APRIL 2016