Jim Collins enjoying some of David Samuels home made apple pie......:-)

Weather Closed-in

The High Light of The Party

Bruce making some final tweeks

The 14-1/4" Binoscope ready to go

Happy Hour

Bruce Sayer setting up his new BinoScope

The Site


Jack Sales

Bev Sales

Jim Collins

Curt Barnes

David Samuels

Bruce Sayre

Jean Sayre

Jeff Schell

Randy Wetter


Sales- 11" Celestron C11

Sayre- 14-1/4" Bino-Scope

Barns- 14" Orion Dob push-to

Collins- 11" Celestron gps

Samuels- 14" Dob

Schell- 14" Orion Dob goto

Wetter- 11" Celestron