Rotary table setup on mill to cut opening for dome/adapter plate assembly.

New bracket for mounting DSI Camera.

New bracket for mounting DSI Camera.

Primer painted with Dome/Adapter Plate glued in place.

Made up a light baffle to provide an image with a sharp field stop.

A bead of silicone in the goove seals and captures the dome.

Designed and built a resistor plate for heavy dew conditions. At 12-15 vdc it produces 3-5 watts of additional interior heat.

Five 10 ohm, 2 watt resistors in series does the job. It is relay contolled and only comes on when my weather monitoring software senses dewing conditions.

All Sky Cam mounted on the weather mast.

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New box is durable ABS with a very nice O-ring seal

The new design is greatly simplified. I have found there is no need for a shutter system to protect the DSI cam from sunlight. Running the camera for over a year now, exposed to direct sun with no adverse effects on the image. This new enclosure is much more weatherproof and has an O-Ring seal.

New All Sky Camera Enclosure Design

Meadow View Observatory