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Capture the night with the SkyEye all sky camera. Record high quality images and create time-lapse videos of the night sky. SkyEye images have great contrast, a smooth sky background and pin-point stars across the entire field of view. Monitor night sky weather conditions, satellite transits, meteor showers, Milky Way vistas and more. Share images and videos with friends and family or automatically upload them to the web with the included software suite.


Many all-sky cameras incorporate a video camera for image capturing which may not result in optimal image quality. The SkyEye all-sky camera utilizes a true astrophotographic CCD camera to capture images. Exposure times are user adjustable from 2 seconds to 1000 seconds and dark frame calibration is available for long period exposures. Resulting images can be saved and viewed as still frames or combined and rendered into video format and uploaded to the web with the included software.


SkyEye has a moderated field of view to minimize image distortion. The camera comes with a very high quality, f- 2.0./ fl- 2.6mm, lens from Sunex. Rather than try to achieve a full 180O field that most often encompasses unwanted lights on the horizon, this lens was chosen to project; HFOV:161O VFOV:112O CCFOV:180O.


This provides a field that nearly covers the entire chip corner to corner, rather than the tunnel vision view as with lenses producing a full 180O. An adjustable lens shade also provides additional masking in the corners of the chip, if needed, to block any stray lighting.





Housing- New- one piece, 8 mm thick enclosure. Precision 3d printed with durable, engineering grade ASA resin, rated for outdoor exposure. Housing is also coated with silver outdoor vinyl weather proofing.

Typical Mount- Fits standard (1.66" dia.) TV Mast. Camera will also fit 1-1/4" PVC Pipe

SkyEye Viewer Sofware- Movie Maker and Editor

It's very easy to review or make movies from any portion of your downloaded images.

You can review the entire night in a 2-3 minute playback.

Creates Mp4, Flash or Avi Movie Files.

Meteor Video- 05-12-2012 @ 10:24pm. (Frames exposure time: 40s / mp4 file: 4 frames/s )

Links to other products:

Meteor Catch- 05-07-2012 @ 11:34pm. (40sec exp. w/ 93% Full Moon Rising)

Meteor Catch- 05-23-2012 @ 03:14am. (60sec exp. w/ Milky Way in Background)

Click on image for larger view.

SkyEye Camera Sofware- Uncomplicated to setup & use.

> Link to Live Color Camera Coming in Early 2021