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Location- Chico, CA moderate light pollution- SQM reading at Zenith ~ 20.3

Location- Chico, CA moderate light pollution- SQM reading at Zenith ~ 20.3

2nd Location- Chico, CA moderate light pollution- SQM reading at Zenith ~ 20.9

NEW All Sky Camera From Interactive Astronomy

Capture the night with the SkyEye II , all sky camera. Record high quality images and create time-lapse videos of the night sky. SkyEye II images have great contrast, a smooth sky background and pin-point stars across the entire field of view. Monitor night sky weather conditions, satellite transits, meteor showers, Milky Way vistas and more.

SkyEye II is a great tool for imagers. Real-time monitoring of the sky conditions. Impending clouds, haze or light fog that may affect transparency and image quality. Also, the all night movie may reveal the causes of any subframe image issues from the nights session.

SkyEye II has a moderated field of view to minimize image distortion. The camera comes with a high quality, f- 2.0./ fl- 2.6mm, lens from Sunex. 180O x 120O FOV


NEW Low Noise, High Resolution Color Camera Board Specs:

Sony CMOS STARVIS sensor (IMX178)

3072 x 2048 (6.3 mega pixel)

2.4um sq. pixel size

All Sky Camera- low noise, hi resolution, color



Housing- New- Heavy wall, 8 mm thick enclosure. Precision 3d printed with durable, engineering grade ASA resin, rated for outdoor exposure. Housing is also coated with silver outdoor weather proofing.

Typical Mount- Fits standard (1.66" dia.) TV Mast

Camera Dimensions- Diameter= 4.5" Height= 5.5"

USB Cable Provided- 33 foot length

PRICE: $1,399.00











System requirements

The SkyEye2 camera features a high speed 6.3 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor. Due to the relatively high pixel count and the multi-threaded SkyEye2 capture software, a modern PC with an i3 (or equivalent) or better processor that supports USB 3.1 (also known as USB 3.0 SS) is necessary to run the system.


It is important to note that the camera must use the USB cable that Interactive Astronomy supplies with the camera. Usage of other USB cables may cause the system to malfunction.



All Sky Camera All Sky Camera All Sky Camera